May 2007


Each new day finds me increasingly excited about next week’s vacation. There are so many things I’ll be glad to shelve at the back of my mind for a week.

What are five things you could use a break from?


I said Monday, but I forgot it was a holiday. Sue me.

This week’s already shaping up to be interesting.

A slight bit of schadenfreude this morning when I found out that Steven had fallen off a deck from 12 feet and landed on his back. I’m certainly not happy that he’s hurt, but it did get a slapdashed-together presentation postponed.

And one of the first calls I received this morning was to inform me that a sprinkler system had been triggered over the weekend. For those of you who aren’t tech savvy: water + computers = trouble. For those of you who are neither tech savvy nor abstract math savvy: sprinklers blow’d up some computers!

How was your holiday weekend?

This week is kicking my ass.

Let’s meet up and try it again on Monday.

“P.S. I Love You,” The Beatles
“Ring My Bell,” Anita Ward
“Dare (Chab Remix),” Gorillaz
“Bruca Manigua,” Ibrahim Ferrer
“Diamonds Are Forever,” Shirley Bassey
“Working For The Weekend,” Loverboy
“The Bluest Eyes In Texas,” A Camp
“Arbeit Macht Frei,” The Libertines
“Dark Eyed Cajun Woman,” Doobie Brothers
“Slam,” Onyx

 Slow traffic today. I’m home with The Duder.

We missed this, but John’s eagle-eyed dad saved us once again.

Courtney was on WAVE-3 news tonight at 7. She served as B-roll footage for a story about Floyd County cutting jobs and programs.

If you go there NOW, it’s the featured video on the front page of their site.

She was assisting kids in a GOALS (Go Out And Learn Something) class about gardening, a program for which she was able to bring Jeneen Wiche to Pine View.


Hey kids! Cavityblogging is back and bigger than ever with the Giant Size All American “Fun” Burger, Mallow Burger!

burger 002



The fourth anniversary is the linen anniversary.

We will also accept gifts of Lennon, Lenin, or lemons.

Just kidding. Just wish us well.

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