June 2007

“No More Tears,” Ozzy Osbourne
“Once In A Lifetime,” Talking Heads
“Don’t Let Me Down (Naked),” The Beatles
“Arizona,” Kings Of Leon
“Boris The Spider,” The Who
“Glory & Consequence,” Ben Harper
“Enid,” Barenaked Ladies
“I’m Still Here,” Kula Shaker
“Hello Mary Lou,” Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Blue Moon of Kentucky,” Ray Charles


Courtney, Oliver and I went to Qdoba for lunch today. We sat next to a couple who were obviously on their first date, set up by a mutual friend if my eavesdropping was accurate. Talk turned to the war and the conflicting thoughts and emotions it’s been generating. And then, with nothing resembling an apporpriate segue, she said this:

“What you really have to watch out for is all of the nations coming together to form a one-world nation. Because then you know the antichrist is coming.”

 If he choked on his burrito, he played it off fairly well.

Last night, after a delicious trip to Puerto Vallarta, the gang dropped by and we watched some America’s Got Talent. Somewhere amid the Hoff’s drunken hysteria and the second coming of Leonid, there was a promo for Jerry’s Blog. I joked with John that I should start doing a lame reality show blog roundup, but that notion fizzled when I found out how lame most of them are.


Nestled deep in Jerry’s live blog archive is this tidbit:

June 05, 08:15 PM
To Donna Marie- One word to describe each judge

Piers- acerbic
Sharon- Motherly
David- Other-worldly

– one of the most beautiful useless devices I’ve ever seen

– Flickr: Batman: Shame of Gotham

– Flickr: a glitch in the Mexican Matrix

– an exceptionally good Daily Show clip about Cheney’s recent assertions

– from Law & Order to Vice President in one simple surgery: the Thompson Conspiracy

What have you been looking at?

Friday night, Courtney and I got to go on an Ollie-less date. Mom, Dad and Sandi took care of Ollie while we were supposed to take in dinner and a movie. We did OK with dinner (Applebee’s on a gift card — yes!), but show times for the movies we wanted to see weren’t until well after 9, which would have meant one or both of us sleeping in a public place. So we ran a couple of errands and headed home to find Ollie in bed, Mom watching TV and Dad and Sandi downstairs Guitar Hero-ing.

Saturday night, the three of us headed off to a wedding at 300 Spring, where shared a table with the legendary Gerald Ruth and his wife. Thankfully the ceremony was short, as I had to spend most of it in the bathroom with a very vocal Ollie. We passed the time with another dad and his 18-month-old girl who would much rather have been with her mommy.

Sunday afternoon, we joined my family for dinner at the ever-fulfilling Claudia Sanders Dinner House in Shelbyville. On the buffet: fried chicken, roast chicken breasts, pulled pork barbecue, roast beef and pork tenderloin. That’s just the meats! Our lively (except with the bread basket) server complained about the kitchen staff being “lazy pieces of trash today” because the Mexico/USA soccer game was on TV. She told us they had run a cable from the upstairs bar into the kitchen just to watch the game. Oliver nearly ate his weight in corn pudding, green beans and rolls.

Pretty good weekend.

OK. It’s Monday. As good a time as any to resolve to do something.

I need to be posting more here. So I’m going to. Every weekday. Regardless of the insignificance of the content.

So be prepared for self-involved minutiae. Just a warning.

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