February 2008

Big ups to steve.portigal for showing up in person to ensure last week’s victory! On to the next round…


And now today’s random competitors, in random order:

tights&costumes’ renaissance man

Wholie’s 009

~ Sunshine Lady ~’s Keep Distance if you want to breath free…

Hillary Clinton’s SanAntonio_134

Battl! Do it, but remember you can’t vote for your own submission!


REMEMBER! Send my your flickr battl contendrs!

I’m sure most of you know by now, but consider this the official announcement.

This is the final week of my career at Indiana University Southeast. Next week, I start at Zeon Chemicals in Louisville, doing similar things for more money.

It’s a little strange leaving a job at a place where you’ve worked for so long. I started working in the labs here in 1995. As recently as last week, I think I was still a bit in denial — everything felt the same, just another week at work. But coming in today, my last Monday here, started triggering some weird feelings. Packing up my things, wiping hard drives clean of my existence, notifying online retailers of my change of e-mail address… It all feels a bit surreal now. How surreal? This surreal:

cards 010

As you can see, I’ve got loads of business cards left. Any suggestions?




I know it’s a little late in the week for a Whatever, but this one just hit me and I don’t want to forget about it.

What are your five favorite BAD movies? What movies do you adore that could never, ever be considered Oscar contenders in any way?

With the weird combo-timing of tonight’s lunar eclipse and the upcoming satellite shoot-down, I think it’s only fitting that we take another look at what’s really going to happen:

Starting next week, the last flickr battl of each month will consist of flickr finds YOU contribute. Whenever you come across a potential contender, just send me the link (to mr.littlejeans_at_gmail.com). I’ll stack ’em up if you send more than one, so no need to wait until the last minute to decide on one. I’ll choose four each week, and no more than one per submitter. The only catch is: you can’t bet on your own dog. Your own vote must be cast for someone else’s submission. Exciting, right? We’ll see how it goes.

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