September 2008

I liked the Seinfeld/Gates commercials, but I can see how they wouldn’t play well everywhere.

The “I’m a PC” commercials are indeed far better, but now even that’s falling apart.

Additional tech tidbit: I love new technology, but rarely do I see a new product that absolutely makes me melt. Meet the new Canon digital SLR. Twenty-something megapixels and FULL HD VIDEO. Unbelievable.


This can’t be good.

The Donkey Show’s back online.

I’ll tell you what’s good: Caramel Just Bunches.

Now you tell me what’s good. Remember?

After such a chaotic week on Wall Street, I’ve never been happier to know that my money’s safe.

Now that I’ve got power back and I’m getting back into a normal routine, stuff will start coming back here. I’ll probably be uploading some storm pictures and some Ollie-at-the-playground pictures tonight.

In the meantime, prepare to be Rocked…

Any good WINDSTORM ’08 stories out there?

Anybody else notice Guy Fieri (Ferry? Ha!) sitting in the front row for Michael Phelps’ monologue on SNL tonight?

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