September 2010

Tomorrow is the first day of October, and here at Bob-net, that means it’s the beginning of 31 Days of Halloween! Look for daily posts of pictures, music, videos, Halloween-themed Whatevers — all starting tomorrow!


It’s late in the week, so here’s a simple one that I’m surprised we haven’t done before. What are your five favorite TV channels?

Saw the new iPod nano recently, and I thought it was pretty cool. Until it displayed album art. On its tiny, tiny screen.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice screen. Just a little saddening to see something originally intended to fill up over a square foot of cardboard relegated to such a small canvas.

What are your five favorite album covers? Don’t go scouring the tubes for obscure, funny covers. I’m talking about record/cassette/CD covers you’ve seen with your own eyes and held with your own hands. Which ones do you remember? And what makes them memorable?

What are five questions you’d like to see asked here in coming weeks?

After tonight’s Berenstain Bears viewing…

Ollie: Daddy, counting your blessings means when you’re thankful for things.

Me: You’re right. Did your mommy talk with you about that?

Ollie: Yeah, a long time ago. … … Let’s count our blessings!

Me: OK, what’s something that you’re thankful for?

Ollie: (pauses and thinks) I’m thankful for living in a big cozy house. And for having friends to play with. And that our lights stay on and don’t go off.

Me: You’re a very lucky boy.

Ollie: Yeah. A very lucky boy.

What five fantastical careers would you like to be qualified for and gainfully making a living at?