Now that I’ve got power back and I’m getting back into a normal routine, stuff will start coming back here. I’ll probably be uploading some storm pictures and some Ollie-at-the-playground pictures tonight.

In the meantime, prepare to be Rocked…

Any good WINDSTORM ’08 stories out there?

So I’ve been watching a lot of the convention coverage, and many, many questions have crossed my mind. However, one question I never would have paused to ask myself sounds like this: Why isn’t Diddy at the convention?

Pretty stupid question, right?

Meanwhile, MSNBC jumps up and down with its hand in the air. “Oooooh! Me! Me! Pick me! I know this one!

ADDENDUM: Spike Lee was at the convention last night, rocking the Best T-Shirt Ever.

… because stuff is happening on my TV that doesn’t make sense.

Here’s John McCain, wrapping up an address to high school students just in time to introduce his “special friend,” Daddy Yankee.

Who knew the too-young-to-vote-but-old-enough-to-perreo segment was so important?

“It’s my idea of faith.”

As stories that insinuate that people are actually good are depressingly few and far between, it’s good to enjoy a genuinely heart-warming moment whenever possible. Enjoy this one, courtesy of good man Bob Harris.

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