Pictures from John’s fantastic meata/lotta/boxo’laya extravaganza last night are up.

When you’re done check out these amazing photos of the Nigerian movie biz. Really.



All 247 of them are right here.

And there’s an ancient video of Bonnie and a meatball here.


Check out some of the coolest pictures you’ll ever see.

I would have though the world was ending.

Uploaded about a hundred new pictures to Flickr last night. Check ’em out!

I just uploaded a recently unearthed trove of old photos (about 700 of them). You can find them all in the Ancient Pictures Collection in my Flickr stuff.

If you don’t have the time to go hunting for him, you can find Charles, Mr. Charming Wok himself, right here.

Pictures from the Christmas break are up.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. If you’re like some lady in France, you’ll think Ollie is a “petite frimousse.”

Check out pictures of Ollie’s Extreme Makeover: Playroom Edition and the Fall Festival at IUS!

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