The Donkey Show’s back online.

Hey kids. Just wanted to let you know the Donkey Show moved over here, to a site of its own!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the newest Bob-net feature, probably appearing on a weeknightly basis. It’s a political news link round-up from a certain POV. See if you can guess what it is.

Welcome to the …

Because there are only 62 days left before the election.

Because some people don’t have the time to sort through all the blogs.

Because John’s getting tired of getting all these links via Google Talk.

Here’s the rundown for Wednesday, 9/3/08.

  • Tonight’s RNC VP speech was written before McCain’s camp had a VP.
  • McCain’s campaign manager, Steve Schmidt, of all people is the first to cast major media light on the Palin paternity rumors. Watch the video here, and don’t miss the canny comments here.
  • “Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms”
  • If her daughter were raped, Palin would “choose life.”
  • The McCain camp got an FBI background check on Palin. And then they spent the summer with their uncles hunting wolverines.
  • She may not have been registered, but Palin’s AIP problem lingers.
  • This DKos diarist raises the specter of Special Needs Message Board Operatives for McCain.
  • Wonkette’s way with words: “Every day, more terrible rumors and allegations surface about Palin’s drunken corrupt secessionist abstinence-only snowbilly reign of terror over the Great White North. And the press has the temerity to actually ask if any of this crap is true. Steve Schmidt is appalled that anyone would ask about the qualifications of a vice presidential nominee who lived near Russia once, and has four or five kids.”
  • They almost lost Dr. Laura.

Thought of the day: You can like Sarah Palin but still believe she’s not the best person for the job. Yesterday, I waxed nostalgic about Jerry Reed. But I never would have wanted him in the White House.

And that’s our first Donkey Show.

Today’s announcement necessitated today’s lunchtime project.

John McCain is trying to lose this election on every front possible.

He just deserted the punctuators.

(Catch it quick, before they fix it.)

So I’ve been watching a lot of the convention coverage, and many, many questions have crossed my mind. However, one question I never would have paused to ask myself sounds like this: Why isn’t Diddy at the convention?

Pretty stupid question, right?

Meanwhile, MSNBC jumps up and down with its hand in the air. “Oooooh! Me! Me! Pick me! I know this one!

ADDENDUM: Spike Lee was at the convention last night, rocking the Best T-Shirt Ever.

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