There once was a time when stuff this amazing was actually on our teevees:


I liked the Seinfeld/Gates commercials, but I can see how they wouldn’t play well everywhere.

The “I’m a PC” commercials are indeed far better, but now even that’s falling apart.

Additional tech tidbit: I love new technology, but rarely do I see a new product that absolutely makes me melt. Meet the new Canon digital SLR. Twenty-something megapixels and FULL HD VIDEO. Unbelievable.

Anybody else notice Guy Fieri (Ferry? Ha!) sitting in the front row for Michael Phelps’ monologue on SNL tonight?

Great game here.


So I’ve been watching a lot of the convention coverage, and many, many questions have crossed my mind. However, one question I never would have paused to ask myself sounds like this: Why isn’t Diddy at the convention?

Pretty stupid question, right?

Meanwhile, MSNBC jumps up and down with its hand in the air. “Oooooh! Me! Me! Pick me! I know this one!

ADDENDUM: Spike Lee was at the convention last night, rocking the Best T-Shirt Ever.

OK, I’ve been a big fan of Paranormal State, but they disappointed me a bit last night.

At the 7:45 mark, the Ovilus is introduced. This contraption uses “environmental energy” to generate a number, which it uses to select and speak a word from its dictionary.

While the device was used to dramatic effect in the show, the science and the logic are a little lacking for me.

The Ovilus has a dictionary of 512 words — “512+,” according to the manual — and I would lurve to see a list of those words. I’ve got a feeling the list is biased towards Words That Sound Significant in Creepy Situations, which is my favorite category on the old $25,000 Pyramid. Obviously the machine knows “priest.” But does it know “zookeeper” or “firefighter”? It knows “demon” and “light.” But does it know “tax return” or “watermelon”? The manual notes that “the odds of this device saying a word that [is] contextually correct is 1 in 512.” But if the deck is stacked with creep-out words, then the odds of it saying something that could be perceived as significant — in the dark, in a supposedly haunted house — are much better.

And I don’t even know how a spirit or demon or whathaveyou would know how to manipulate the environment in such a way to produce the desired word. Nor do I know how they would know what words are available to them. How were the words selected and how was their numerical value determined? I don’t think being blindfolded and thumbing through a carry-out menu with your feet to try to find the right words would be an unfair analogy.

Oh well. I still believe in Chip Coffey.

OK, so the Parade of Nations at the Olympics just wrapped up on my TV, and here’s my call for the podium.


Cook Islands

Unfortunately, none of the major news outlets have chosen to show the world Cook’s outfits. Casually comfortable, yet fit for the focus of the world stage, the Olympic delegation from the Cook Islands walked the parade route in style. Which is far more than I would do if I lived in a place as beautiful as the above picture.



Hungary showed up on the track as a sea of dapper suits and boldly printed skirtsuits for the ladies. A quieter print would have lumped Hungary in with the bulk of this year’s snoozers, and any louder a print would have been severly obnoxious. Hungary’s designer took a gamble, and it paid off in silver.



Spain’s nearly too-literal and obvious interpretation of their national flag nearly kept them from my top rating. But much like this summer in sports, everything is going Spain’s way in these numbers — even wearing China’s colors in China’s own house. Ballsy, Spain, and well played.

So there you have it. If you missed the opening cermonies, you missed quite a spectacle. At the very least, go here and check out the “Emotional Moments” slideshow. And watch below for the heartbreaking and uplifting story of Lin Hao, the young boy who was practically sewn to Yao Ming all night

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