Excluding your own, what were the five best Halloween costumes you saw this year?


It’s late in the week, so here’s a simple one that I’m surprised we haven’t done before. What are your five favorite TV channels?

Saw the new iPod nano recently, and I thought it was pretty cool. Until it displayed album art. On its tiny, tiny screen.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice screen. Just a little saddening to see something originally intended to fill up over a square foot of cardboard relegated to such a small canvas.

What are your five favorite album covers? Don’t go scouring the tubes for obscure, funny covers. I’m talking about record/cassette/CD covers you’ve seen with your own eyes and held with your own hands. Which ones do you remember? And what makes them memorable?

Hey guys. Sorry I missed the regular Monday. I was strategizing for tonight’s endless pasta bowl. WHICH brings us to our question: What five foods would you most enjoy in an all-you-can-eat setting?

No time. In a hurry. Quick, what are your five favorite fast food items?

Wow. I’m totally out of practice. Forget to do one last week.

I finally bought an Xbox 360 this weekend, so here’s a related question. What are your five favorite video games of all time? Go old school if you have to.

This weekend, Courtney and I battled a malfunctioning air conditioning unit and certified letters from the IRS. I’m happy to announce that we’ve emerged victorious on both fronts. Name five songs that see you through rough times OR five songs that help you celebrate afterward.

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